Saturday, January 3, 2009


I just got back from Wal-Mart.  ARGH! I went by myself with a list with 6 things on it.     

Then I headed to the garden section because I needed a rake.  Our rake was a victim of Hurricane Ike,  (Okay, I ran over it with the car but it was right after Ike.) The rakes are outside until all the Christmas stuff is cleared out.  So outside I go.  There are six types of rakes.  OMG.  Now I have to figure out what rake is best.  An old guy was standing there and he wanted to tell me all about rakes and why the $35 rake was what I needed.  I think he was insulted when I bought the $3.99 one.

Then I went all the way across the store to get the rest of the stuff - groceries.  Not hard stuff--milk, bread, ice cream, etc.  The staples of life.  There was a whole family standing in front of the 2% milk blocking all the doors.  Two of them were on the phone.  They couldn't decide what milk to buy.  GET OUT OF MY WAY!  How much decision making is there?  Buy the cheapest 2%--it's the one that says WIC approved.  Duh.

So I worked my way to ice cream.   I couldn't get into the ice cream aisle because this chick had it blocked.  She had a basket with a head of lettuce and 12 grain bread and she had two doors of the ice cream case open and she was memorizing the Blue Bell labels.  I cleared my throat and she didn't move.  I said "excuse me" and she still didn't move.  Then, as I decided to either ram her basket or turn around, she looked at me with an extremely snotty look and said, "Do you want by?"  I said, "Yes."  She rolled her eyes and sighed and moved her basket just enough for me to get by.

All of the checkout lanes had lines except the self-check.  So I went to self-check.  I forgot to bring in my green friendly bags so I had to use their bags.  The bags were stuck together so I had to wrestle with the bags. I rang one item up twice and had to wait for the clerk.  I almost got hit by a car playing arrhythmia causing rap music in the parking lot.  But now I'm home eating ice cream.  I'm pretty sure it was worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly why I don't like to shop.. and self checkout. Arrg! Why does the self checkout computer person always yell at me?