Monday, October 25, 2010


Hair is an ongoing issue.  My hair is too curly to be straight and to straight to be curly.  I did the whole '80s thing with the perms and hair dye.  I've had spiral perms, highlights, lowlights, straightening conditioners and basically I am over it.

I quit perming and dying my hair ten or so years ago.  Now I'm about 25% grey.  I call it natural silver sparkle highlights.  I'm not good friends with the flat iron straightener either.  I burned my ear, forehead, and toe.  I dropped it, okay?

Perhaps I shouldn't have chosen to live in a city with 90% humidity 90% of the year if I wanted obedient hair.  So if you see me today, don't judge me by my hair.  It is having a bad day.