Monday, February 2, 2015

I Don't Want To

No is a complete sentence.  Do you want to __________? No.  I don't  have to give anyone a reason  Unless you are my boss.  My boss gets a reason.  Everyone else? Not so much.

I have a finite amount of energy to expend during a day.  I get to choose how I spend that energy.  I heard a comic talking about his F%^&-It list.  It's like a Bucket List only it's stuff I'm never going to do.

My F&*(-It List

1.  I'm not eating shrimp, salmon, or crawfish.
2.  I'm not riding a roller coaster.
3.  I'm not going to a Wagnerian opera.
4.  I'm not going to join a church.
5.  I'm not drinking to excess ever again.
6.  I'm not dyeing my hair or ever getting a perm.
7.  I'm not going to a nail salon.
8.  I'm never wearing panty hose ever.
9.  I'm not going scuba diving or snorkeling.

I can only think of 9 but I'm sure I can add to this list.