Monday, August 31, 2015

Conspiracy theories everywhere

I admit I'm a bit of a conspiracy theorist.  I listened to this guy for two hours yesterday.

It's a long listen but the crux of it is this: Isreal is not our friend.  Isreal has been selling our military technology to China and Russia. AND THE MILITARY AND GOVERNMENT KNEW AND KEPT DOING IT.

We are not living in Mayberry anymore.


Not the Darwin theorem, personal evolution.  How do you evolve from a girl who believes as she has been told to a crone who questions everything?  Slowly.  LOL

It's taken me 58 years but I no longer believe what I have been told.  The truth has to resonate with the divine spark inside of me.  I have to be able to believe that it is true.

Not all voices that speak to you are wanting your highest good.  Discern.  All beings on a higher vibration are not necessarily equivalent to the Source of All.  Discern.