Thursday, February 26, 2009

Published Comic

I was wasting time out the the world of the wide web and I happened across a comic strip generator.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Special Education - Is the Cost Too Much?

I know that public schools are supposed to be providing a "free and appropriate" education for every child in the "least restrictive envirnoment."  At least that's what the law says.

I've got to believe that lawmakers would yell out "Whoa, Nellie" if they were to really get down in the trenches and see the consequences of the law.  Should education money be spent on changing diapers on 15 year olds and monitoring feeding tubes? I went in a special ed classroom the other day and there were two teachers and a paraeducator for one student - and he was on the floor taking a nap.

When anyone mentions the exorbitant cost of special ed the response is "Well, it's federally mandated."  Like the federal government is getting their money from some other source that our pockets.  That's our money, taxpayer money, just like state funding.

Special education parents and other stakeholders have powerful lobbys pushing for more and more special education requirements.  Who is out there lobbying for the regular ed kids?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Gotta love it...

Snapp-caps are the coolest.  I snap one on top of my Diet Coke (with lime) and I'm good to go.   My son says it looks like a binky or a sippy cup but I just ignore that.  Besides, I embrace the inner dork.

I think it's an everyday miracle. Drink doesn't go flat, doesn't spill when I knock it over, and I can always tell my can apart from the crowd.  

I bought mine at a street fair in Kingwood Texas but I'm sure there are other sources. 

Highly recommend it.  Maybe I could be their spokesmodel...Hmmm