Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike blew through my hood.  We were without power for four days.  One would think that I would bead but I was obsessed with listening to 24/7 news radio.  The Christmas in September vendor event that I've been preparing for since June was canceled.  If it's not rescheduled soon I'll send my inventory to Barefoot Artist Gallery.  I need more bead money.  LOL  The International Gem and Jewelry Show is coming to Houston again in October so I want to be ready to buy more beads.  It's amazing how dependent we as a society has become on electricity.  I need internet, news, refrigeration and most importantly, air conditioning.  We are fortunate that a cool front blew through and the weather is uncharacteristically cool.  It's beautiful outside today--cool breeze and bright sunshine.  We are blessed.