Thursday, January 1, 2015

why I am no longer a Christian

2015 is the year that I come clean.  I am no longer a Christian.  It's been coming on for several years.  I still believe in Jesus.  I still believe in a Divine Power.  I just no longer can identify myself as a Christian.

I no longer can confidently believe that Christianity is the only viable option.  I never understood people who said they were spiritual but not religious.  I thought they just didn't want to get along with people encountered at church.  Or they wanted to sleep in on Sunday morning. However I now understand. I  think that if Jesus or Buddha or Mohammad visited the earth today they would agree -- religion has been misinterpreted and co-opted by greed.  I choose to no longer participate.

I tried many churches in many denominations and some without denominations,  I accept some of the responsibility.  I have participated in the gossip that will divide a group.  I have competed to be the best Christian,  I have held leaders in too high esteem as to participate in the cult of personality.  I have wanted to fit in so badly that I abdicated my responsibility to devise my own opinions,  But I have woken up.

This is my journey,

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